Practice Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is to obtain ideal long-term results for you.

We aim to always provide you with:

  • Personal service and gentle dental care.
  • Professional and prompt service.
  • Caring, willing and highly trained staff.
  • Service using up-to-date technology, techniques and materials.
  • Prompt advice and assistance at times when your “emergencies” arise.
  • Personal attention to dental education and disease prevention.
  • Treatment options to suit your personal needs, budget, and lifestyle requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to assist you in preventing small problems from becoming more complex, long-term and expensive problems. For example, a small cavity detected early during a routine check-up is much easier and cheaper to fix than a large cavity needing urgent after hours care or treatment during a short emergency time slot. Teeth with large cavities also need more complex treatments such as root canal therapy and/or crowns. Tooth extractions can be the immediate cheaper alternative to restoring with large cavities but leaves you with gaps between your teeth, long-term disruptions to your bite, food impaction, and accelerated wear to the remaining teeth. These problems become more costly to fix later, not to mention the immediate loss of self esteem and confidence in your smile.

Our aim is thus to work in partnership with you, in “Creating Healthy, Happy Smiles”.