Our Community

Dr Steven Du is passionate about improving dental health in the community through dental education, particularly young children, as he believes that good dental habits at an early age results in immense long-term benefits to the patients and the community.

Dr Steven Du and his dental team gives presentations at schools as part of Dental Health Month. They also participate in the Bright Smiles program from Colgate and the ADA.

All the staff at Carlingford Dental Surgery are committed to reducing the human impact on the planet for the prosperity of future generations. They are take pride in:

  • Re-using non-confidential office paper.
  • Shredding and re-cycling confidential paper and non-clinical plastic containers.
  • Nurturing and watering the garden in and around the surgery using water captured through condensation from dental equipment.

The surgery was designed to make maximal use of natural lighting throughout most of the day with nearly all lighting utilising energy efficient globes. These globes give off significantly less heat, which reduces energy demands on the air-conditioning system.

Dr Steven Du has been a long financial supporter of the great work that charities such The Smith Family, Care Australia and Medecins Sans Frontieres do for communities in Australia and around the world.